METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang - New Version 2022 - 3 Hours - New English Intertitles & Music Soundtrack 4K and DCP

METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang - New Version 2022 - 3 Hours - New English Intertitles & Music Soundtrack 4K and DCP

a film by Fritz Lang
Version “Cobra - 2022” - 4K Remastered - 60fps

Re-edited & Reframed New Time Mapping
New Intertitles & English Adaptation
Screenplay by
Maximianno Cobra

Music - Original Score and Soundtrack
“Metropolis - Ordo ab Chao” Symphony
by Maximianno Cobra

Recorded by TEMPUS Collection - Europa Philharmonia Orchestra

Post-production & Mastering

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This motion picture © UFA AG - 1927
Screenplay © Maximianno Cobra - UW Ltd 2022
All original music compositions © Maximianno Cobra - UW Ltd 2022

All material is protected by Copyright Laws throughout the world. All rights reserved. Licensed by Maximianno Cobra - TEMPUS Collection - Quintessence Studios - Imaginary International Ltd.

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  • Release date: 2022
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