COBRA - Symphony op.1 Ordo ab Chao - CD Audio

COBRA - Symphony op.1 Ordo ab Chao - CD Audio
CD Audio

Symphony op.1 Ordo ab Chao

World Premiere Recording

Vienna Symphonic Library
EPO members

“Universal significance and contemporary value inspired by Masonic principles. The vast range of Cobra’s concerns and the extraordinary breadth of his symphony enable his music to affect us deeply, carving new musical aesthetics out of modern chaos.”

ICA - "Anthological" Recording Award
IAG - "Must" Hi-Fi Recording Award


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  • - Écouter
  • - Hören

This CD was made with 100% acoustics samples of the following collections: Vienna Symphonic Library and Europa Philharmonia. The full score was played manually on the organ by Maximianno Cobra. This production required 6 months of work.


  • Release date: 2009
  • UPC reference: 804721123556